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Click the link below to be taken to our Yulio creation.  Click the glasses that say"View in 360" in the upper right hand corner of your screen. 

This will allow you to use your phone with your special Yulio glasses to view our design in virtual reality.

"Because we care."

We help to design and build great spaces for people to work in by providing furniture solutions for working environments.  Time, money, value and employee satisfaction are key to the success of each project we undertake at Facility Planners.  It’s a balancing act to deliver a completely custom solution for each client on time, within budget and all the while providing exceptional service.


2017 Projects

You know we had been working diligently last year. We are so excited to share with you the amazing opportunities we have had in 2017 working with Gresham Smith and Partners, Gilbert McLaughlin Casella, Sorci and Swords Design, IQuity, Gobbell Hays Partners, Kennon Calhoun Workshop and S/W Design Group. 

Each project came with its changes that we were glad to overcome with beautifully pleasing aesthetic furniture solutions.

We are thankful for our amazing staff and valued clients. We hope that 2017 has brought you much to be thankful for too and that 2018 brings love, peace and prosperity to all.


Highlights: Winners of ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Projects